Gender Male
Species Cat
Occupation Making Friends with Roxanne
Age 35
Residence Peg's House
Relative(s) Peg (owner)

Roxanne (Wife)

Friends Peg
First appear. The Chicken Problem
Final appear. None
Voiced&nsbp;by Dwayne Hill

Cat is Peg's pet, sidekick, and BFF, and the deuteragonist of the TV show, Peg + Cat

Cat is a blue-purple cat, and the best friend to Peg. He loves circles (but not as much as The Pig loves triangles) and accompanies Peg on her adventures. Cat often inspires Peg to realize a solution to a problem without being aware of it himself. He helps to calm Peg when she "totally freaks out". He was inspired by Jennifer Oxley's pet cat. Voiced by Dwayne Hill. He also is quite clumsy and likes to eat (even foods that most cats wouldn't eat). He knows how to count.


Cat has blue fur. He has two gray eyes with black pupils, a gray nose and mouth, an indigo and gray tail, indigo ears, and indigo paws.


  • Cat hugs Peg for a long time in the final scene in Episode 6.
  • In the Book series, she is referred as a girl.
  • The only time Cat hugs Peg was in The Tree Problem.
  • Cat is the backstage manager for The Pentagirls.
  • Cat was a Gopher member along with Peg in The Camp Problem.
  • Unlike other cats, Cat is not afraid of water.
  • he is allergic to roses
  • He has an imaginary friend named Minkus Binkus Berry Whitkins.
  • He has a crush on a pink cat named Roxanne, who made her debut in the eponymous episode.
    • It is also shown that she likes him back, having kissed him on the cheek in The Mariachi Problem
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