Joe Jackson Wonder is a hunter from Pennsylvania who intended University with Ramone, Peg's mother, Rick Cotta and Darwin Stephenson.


Joe was born in Pennsylvania where he lived until he graduated High School and his family moved to Mathtropolis where he intended University with Michelle, Ramone, Rick and Darwin. He became best friends with Ramone, Rick, Darwin and Michelle and had ever since, been having adventures together. Michelle says she'd prefer things to be relaxing(secretly, she yearning for more adventures).

Rick, Joe and Darwin now own the parks around Mathtropolis and often visit Ramone when he's ready for another adventure.


Although Joe is adventurous, He's got a soft side. He claims to be a hunter, he seems to like animals(particulary puppies). He is also afraid of rats. No one has ever seen him shoot an animal in a long time. Darwin is suspicous that he just carries his firearm to look cool. Joe loves the outdoors where they have the adventures.

Rick and Joe often get into arguments, but give great respect for Darwin.

Joe means well, but has a tendency of forgetting which side of the binoculars you're suppose to use.

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