Problem Solved is a song in almost every episode. Peg and Cat sing this song mostly, sometimes other characters join in to sing. Some variants were heard in some episodes such as "The George Washington Problem" and "The Groovy Sixties Problem". A complete version is heard in The Big Gig App. Peg and Cat sing this song twice in each episode, first after the "Big Problem," then second after the "Really Big Problem." They sing the first verse of the Lyrics (shown below) after the Big Problem, then the second verse after the Really Big Problem.

Lyrics of Problem Solved. Edit

Problem solved!
The problem is solved!
We solved the problem,
Problem solved!

Problem solved! (Cat toots)
The problem is solved! (Cat toots)
We solved the problem...

Cat (or anyone else joining in):
So ev'rything is awesome!
Problem solved!
(Cat: Woo-hoo!!)

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