Ramone is a recurring character who has different jobs and talents. He enjoys helping Peg and Cat on his free Time.  

Personality Edit

Ramone is the guy everybody likes and Counts on. He is good looking, kind, supportive, cool, musical, friendly, laid-back and caring. He is always ready to give advice or ideas in a tough situation. He seems to have many skills, Has he keeps many Jobs.

List of Ramone's Jobs Edit

  • Circus Ringmaster (The Circus Problem, Another Tree Problem, The Clown Problem)
  • NASA Rock Collector (The Space Creature Problem, The Doohickey Problem)
  • T-Rex trainer (The Dinosaur Problem)
  • Werst-shop owner (The Beethoven Problem)
  • Chef (The Honey Problem, The Birthday Cake Problem)
  • Dutch Florist (The Tulip Problem)
  • Wizard (The Golden Pyramid Problem, The Sparkling Sphere Problem, The Blabberwocky Problem)
  • Frozen Yogurt Stand owner (The Mega Mall Problem)
  • Prince of Egypt (The Cleopatra Problem)
  • Mayor of Mathtropolis (The Arch Villian Problem, The Straight And Narrow Problem)
  • Manager of the Yellow Store (The Long Line Problem)
  • Host of T.V. show (The Perfect Ten Problem)
  • Mail Man boss( The Big Dog Problem)                


  • He is called "Ramón" in the Spanish dub and is voiced by Josnel Rios. The Spanish name is an alternative name for "Ramone".

In the French variant, he is called Ràmone.

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