Rick Oswald Cotta is an american ranger who intended University with Peg's mother, Ramone, Joe Wonder and Darwin Stephenson.


Rick was born in Longview, Texas where he lived until he graduated Middle School and his family moved to Mathtropolis and intended University with Ramone, Michelle, Joe and Darwin. They all found out that they love adventure and been having it ever since.

Rick, Joe and Darwin now own the parks around Mathtropolis and will visit Ramone when he's ready for adventure.


Rick is a rough and tumble Texan who often misfires. This often makes Michelle uncomfertable when he, Joe and Darwin look after Peg and Cat, but feels better when Darwin's there. Rick is proud of his name because it's a pun on his favorite cheese.

Rick and Joe often bicker, but both give great respect for Darwin.

To this day, Rick and Joe are suspicious about Peg's feelings to Ramone.

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