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The Chicken Problem
Season 1
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The Chicken Problem is the first half of the first episode of the 1st season of Peg + Cat.


Peg and Cat are having a Really Big Chicken Problem!


Peg, Cat, and the The Pig are at the farm, eating pie.The Farmer is washing a cow and a hog. Peg talks about how the large slice of pie is too much pie for Cat, but the small slice is not enough pie for her but enough for Cat. They're about to dig in, but there is an extra slice, which Peg thinks is serious. She begins to be dramatic about no one eating the piece, but Cat brings a chicken over to eat the last slice. That solves the problem, but soon another one arises: the rest of the chickens have escaped and they're now running wild.

Peg says that they have to get them all back before the farmer sees, because he explicitly told them not to let the chickens out. They start to pick up chickens as Peg sings, successfully getting ten chickens back into the coop. However, there are still ninety more. Peg makes a joke about not "chickening out" and then observes the farmer walking through the cornfield. She tells the chickens to come back into the coop, but they don't She then decides to make it a race but the others race out of the coop instead.

Peg and Cat wander into the barn and find Ramone, who has invented a formula to make the plants grow bigger. Peg asks Ramone for advice and they walk out, with Ramone carrying two wheelbarrows and a baby carriage and Peg gushing about how useful Ramone is. Ramone then sings a song to the chickens, telling them to hop in, which they do. They try to push the wheelbarrows but the barrows are too heavy, and Peg freaks out about the farmer being mad. She starts to count backwards and notices Cat with the pie. This gives her an idea: organize the things to push by size like they organized the pie. She talks about how smart she thinks Cat is, but then hurries Pig and Cat when she hears the farmer say that he wants to check the chicks. They then find their right-sized wheelie things and wheel the chickens back. The farmer then asks to join the picnic and Peg says yes and they have their picnic while singing.



Peg: One little piece of pie. Just sitting there all alone. With nobody to eat it! Nobody! Nobody! Noooooooobody!