The Farmer
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Farmer
Age About 40
Residence The farm
Relative(s) Pig

100 Chickens

Friends Peg


First appear. The Chicken Problem
Final appear. Another Hotel Problem
Voiced&nsbp;by Billy Aronson

The Farmer works at a farm shown in The Chicken Problem. He usually sings songs while working.

Appearance Edit

The Farmer is a tall man with light tan skin and grayish hair who always wears a straw hat. The hat is yellowish-orange-brown colored with a red band. He also wears glasses. He wears dark blue overalls over a blue shirt, and tall red socks with brown boots.

Personality Edit

The Farmer seems to care about his farm a lot and his job, but other than that, not much is known about his personality.

Biography Edit

The Chicken Problem Edit

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