Peg + Cat Wiki


Gender Male
Species Pig
Occupation King
Age Unknown
Residence The Farm
Relative(s) The Farmer

100 Chickens

Friends Peg


First appear. The Chicken Problem
Final appear. The Crayon Problem
Voiced&nsbp;by Tommy Wazelle

The Pig is a character of Peg + Cat. He is medium-sized. He and his brothers are in a band called The Terrific Trio. His low voice goes along well with his brothers' high voices. He speaks and sings about anythings but mostly about the love of triangles. He also loves pyramids. Pig is best friends with Peg and Cat.


  • "I still like... TRIANGLES!!!" (from The Messy Room and the Medium-Sized Pyramid Problems)
  • "And... PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG-Ah!" (Randy Crenshaw Recording via duck)
  • "I love their sides... 1-2-3...
  • I love the way they look on me..." (from The Medium-Sized Pyramid Problem)
  • "IIIIIIIII... Looooooove... TRIIIIIIAAAAANNNNNGLESSSSSS!!" (from The Perfect Ten Problem)
  • "IIIIIIII...Looooooove...TRIIIIIAAAANNNNNGLESSSSSS!!" (from the [Pyramid Problem] )


  • In the upcoming PBS Kids Holiday Segment (Music Video: The 12 Days of Christmas) in December, you will hear him sing the part of the "FIIIIIVE GO-OL-- DE-EN RIIIIIIIIIIINGS!!!!!" in it.
  • He sings in a baritone to a mid-falsetto range.
  • He was an arch-villain in superhero episodes.
  • He sounds like Pasqually from "Chuck E Cheese".
  • In every episode, he stacks something into a pyramid.