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The Teens are supporting characters in Peg + Cat.


The Teens are described by Peg and Cat as cool, because they love pizza, texting, and saying really "rockin'" words. They are known for their ages on their shirts. In 2018, the new teens arrived.

  • Tessa (Born January 27, 2004), the youngest teen, is 13 years old and wears a yellow dress and is a member of Peg's girl group, The Pentagirls.
  • Mora (Born February 29, 2003), the middle teen, is 14 years old and wears a green sweatshirt with an all-pink ensemble of belt, shorts and leggings.
  • Jesse (Born April 1, 2002), the eldest teen, is 15 years old and wears a blue shirt, headphones, and hiker boots.

The Teens In The Billboard in The Monster Problem

The Teen's Pizza 1-800-ROCK-ITUDE

These are the teens who get a job at a pizzeria during the episode of The Monster Problem.

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